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Our company Peppas “Combustion – Energy Controls” as the exclusive authorized dealer and service of the above German companies that we represent, has the official rule, based on relevant EU regulations and specifications, to country specific standards also, for Planning / Building / Installing Customized Systems Engineering – Turn Key Systems, Gas Pressure Regulation and Measuring Systems, Gas Regulation – Safety Measurement & Control Trains (GRSM), Gas Safety or Measurement Stations (GSMS). In all sizes for Thermal Power Stations, Cogeneration Plants, Gas Engines, Gas Burners, Industrial Furnaces, Steam Boilers and for all types of Industry processes such as Glass, Ceramic, Metals, Textiles, Food and Beverage Industry, Paper, Catering Systems, Environment technology processes, Plants running on biogases, etc. These top-quality technological products and systems are installed and support the world wide Industry.



The above systems are delivered 100% necessary testing for leak proof ness, strength, X-Ray welding (TIG 141) joints – if requested – and accompanied with all necessary information as CAD drawings, technical data sheets, operation manual instructions, certifications in electronic form (CD-ROM).



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The delivered systems could be installed completed by wiring – if requested – on the plants, including start-up, commissioning, training to the staff of the customer and after sale service.




Suggestively we present you solutions provided from our company:

Gas Safety & Control Train
Gas Pressure Reduction Station
Safety Station with by-pass
Measuring Station with by-pass
Gas Pressure Regulating, Measuring & Safety System
Safety & Measuring Station with by-pass
High Pressure Applications
Gas Engines and CHP
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Each Gas System is a Unique piece!


For further information regarding Gas Control, Measurement and Safety Systems (GRMS) use the following links:

English Version

German Version


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Our company is at your disposal to provide you solutions for your application. We can offer you Gas Safety, Measuring & Control Trains, Stations delivered either completely assembled eitber in loose parts.




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